Back to schooollll

Hi ,Hello, just me again! (you were expecting someone else??)

I’m just sitting here, getting excited about school going back tomorrow! Woohoo!!
(Although it means getting up at stupid ‘o’ clock to get the kids ready AND having to make myself look presentable to go out in public… it ALSO means i get my day times back to myself again !! ) *I’ll drink to THAT !!!!

I’m rather looking forward to being able to write in peace (and during the day time too, wow!!) I may end up finishing the novel i started,and then some!!

Speaking of writing, i have been super busy writing poetry today, just jotting things down as i think of them. I find it helps keep my brain active,which ironically relaxes me ! explain that??!!

I know i have a longgg way to go before my writing is at any kind of “professional” standard, but i do enjoy it , so why not!

Speaking of things i enjoy, i really should attempt to get some sleep (early day tomorrow and all)  – hope you all have a lovely evening,and get a good nights sleep!

See ya next time!



About raychsmadness

Im a 30 something year old mum of 3 young kids (2 boys and a girl) who continuously keep me on my toes. I love to write but am yet to be published. But when i am, you can all say that u knew me before i was famous!

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  1. Good luck on finishing your novel! That is a huge accomplishment, trust me. If you want a quick break from what you’re writing, we host a creative writing event called Picture it & Write. My coauthor posts an image with corresponding prose and invites other writers to join in. A new one posts every Sunday but the archives are always open if you feel inspired. We’ve found it’s a good way to break writer’s block.

  2. Thankyou for the link! I look forward to checking it out!! sounds like fun 🙂

  3. Enjoy your free time honey xx 😀

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