Happy Halloween!!

Hello again,
I am back!!! I bet you all thought i had forgotten about u huh! Well,truth be told ,i missed you every single day, which is why i am here again, writing to you now!!!

I gotta say tho, I’m not entirely sure what to blog about this week. I COULD tell you all about my trip to the city over the weekend, but it wasn’t all that exciting. Just the usual stressful driving through the busy traffic,and my homocidal GPS system trying to get us killed (again)… but yeah, i’m sure you’re not interested in all that!

So instead i will ask you all what your plans are/were for Halloween this year?

Seems Australia is starting to pick up on the whole ‘celebrating Halloween’ thing, and i’m constantly hearing about friends dressing their children up to ‘go trick or treating’. As fun as it sounds, i don’t think i’ll be sending my own children out trick or treating this year.
As it is, they only have a lolly every now and then when they’ve been good, or at a birthday party etc- so going knocking on random strangers doors asking for lollies and threatening them with a “trick” if they dont cough up the goods, is not something i really want to teach them!

I fondly recall last Halloween when i heard a knock on my door and found a ghost and a princess on my doorstep,holding out a bag and mumbling something about “trick or treat”. Seeing as it was also pay day eve, i didnt have any lollies in the house,so i ended up giving  them a tin of peas and a tin of fruit. I think they were a little suprised, but said thankyou and went on their merry little way.

Ahh gotta love Halloween! My cousin has started carving pumpkins! (another tradition which Australia seems to be picking up on). She is actually pretty good at it too,considering she’s never done it before this week! Might have to give it a try myself one day!  Might have to work with oranges instead of pumpkins though, as there’s more citrus trees than there are pumpkins growing around this area! Better yet, i wonder how i’d go with grapes!!

Well i better get a wriggle on, as dinner aint gonna cook itself! Will probably check back in later with some more poetry or photos of the kittens!! 🙂

Take care guys,

Raych xoxo


About raychsmadness

Im a 30 something year old mum of 3 young kids (2 boys and a girl) who continuously keep me on my toes. I love to write but am yet to be published. But when i am, you can all say that u knew me before i was famous!

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  1. Brilliant post Raych. Had me laughing. xx luv ya

  2. Ha ha ha love the canned goods for a treat! 😀

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