Interesting Interests…

Hello readers! How are you on this fine Monday evening? I have just finished dinner and now i am full as a goog!
So here i sit, reflecting back on our dinner time conversation with the kids, and i thought i would share some of it with you folk!
First of all ,we (well, the kids) discussed how they didn’t like the pasta sauce i used on their pasta. (must remember to add that to the big long list of foods they DON’T like)
After the complaints about my cooking, my eldest son informs me that he would like to take up soccer. I wasn’t suprised really, as he had bought it up once before, but at the time, he was too young to join any teams in our area, so it was kind of filed away “to be discussed later”.
Well, apparantly he is old enough to join a team now, so looks like i’m gonna have to start looking around for places that have junior soccer teams,to enroll him into. I’m gonna be a soccer mum!!! Guess this means i’ll have to sit through countless saturday morning games, rain ,hail and shine, watching my little darling kicking goals and scoring hoops or whatever they do in soccer. oh boy, can’t wait!

Speaking of my sons interests, he also informed me that he would very much like to learn how to play an instrument! Yep, my son loves music, and has often told me that he wants to take up playing one thing or another! First it was the guitar, then the drums, then the keyboard. Well this week, he has informed me that he wants to learn how to play …the bagpipes.
I personally can’t say I’ve ever tried the bagpipes myself, but it looks pretty difficult. I told him if he still wants to learn the bagpipes by Christmas time, Santa might have to get him some. (can we all take a moment to cross our fingers and pray he outgrows this one..for the sake of my sanity and my ear drums!!!)
Why do boys have to like noisy things for?? Why can’t they be more like my daughter, who would happily spend hours threading beads onto string, or stickytaping the cats legs together or something??? another one of lifes mysteries i guess!

Well after we discussed these things we had pretty much finished our meal (well, the kids had their very best try but were full up …) so we then cleared the table and now the kids are getting ready for bed.

I don’t know about you, but i am absolutely worn out!

Well in saying that, i should go finish getting the kids ready for bed,then get their school stuff ready and THEN mummy can sit down and reflect some more on the days events.

Thanks for stopping by guys, hopefully i shall find the time to blog again soon!

Take care ,
Raych xoxo


About raychsmadness

Im a 30 something year old mum of 3 young kids (2 boys and a girl) who continuously keep me on my toes. I love to write but am yet to be published. But when i am, you can all say that u knew me before i was famous!

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