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Ramblers anonymous

Hi again! Yes, i am back!! I have returned from the city and happy to say i didn’t develop a twitch this time!! Yay me! Country driving is so much more enjoyable, untill you get a kangaroo jump out in front of your car – but that’s a whole other story!

So all is well on this end of the world. Children are all sleeping soundly in bed,and i am about to embark on another attempt of writing… not sure WHAT i will write yet, but it’s the process of getting words from my brain onto paper (or word doc) that counts…right!?

I just finished a little poem, ironically about “writing”, so there’s an idea of what’s happening in my mind tonight.
I have been drinking cherry coke all day too, so i may be a little high on caffein (apologies for hypo rambling)

So a quick update on the kittens (some of u may remember me blogging about their birth a few weeks ago?)
Well they are both doing really well. Eyes open now! Both are boys!! and yeah, fluffy and cute and all those other adorable words to describe kittens.
They have just started to leave their box enclosure, and wander around.a little wonky on their feet,but up and about all the same! Hopefully they will be ready to go to new homes soon. Just need to make sure my daughter is ready to let go.. she has become quite attached to the little critters..but no way can i keep them. I’ll become the crazy cat lady ,like on the Simpsons!  *shudder* maybe i could give a few away as x-mas presents , *insert evil laugh*

Speaking of x-mas- how close is it now! There’s already trees and decorations going up in the shops! crazy! Ah well, to be completely honest, i actually love x-mas. one of my favourite holidays! The look on the kids faces as they see all the presents under the tree, then the looks on their faces when they realise they’re all for me,and not them… haha…no seriously… they’re usually all for them! Too spoilt these kids! I spend 11 months of the year whinging about how many toys they leave laying around for me to pick up,then i go and buy them more for xmas! *sigh* please tell me i’m not the only one who does this??

Ok, that’s enough out of me for the night. I hope you enjoy my poem, and i also hope i haven’t put u all into a coma with my ramblings here.

I shall see you all next time,
Take care- Raych xoxox