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Another blog..ooh yeah!

Hello gorgeous people! So ,we meet again!
I have gotta say,I am one very tired and exhausted mum right about now!
Have spent the day, celebrating my daughter’s 5th birthday ,doing all the things she wanted to do!
We¬†went and got¬†McDonalds for lunch,and went for a drive down the river to eat it. (can’t believe how much the water level has dropped since i was down there last) Must be time to go camping again soon! cool stuff!
The last time i went camping,was in the easter holidays with my cousin and her 3 kids. So me with my 3,and her with her 3..oh it was an adventure and a half!
At least my “Steve Irwin inspired” nature walks managed to entertain them all well enough,and our make shift fishing rods (sticks with fishing line) kept the kids busy for a while too. Love camping ,good times!

So yeah, had a big day,and finished it all off with dinner at the local club. The schnitzels are always delicious and the salad bar is well stocked with yummy stuff that my kids actually like! winning!

Well now it’s time for me to watch a bit of telly and wind down after such a big day! Can’t believe my little girl is now 5! time seems to be going so fast!

See you soon guys,

Raych xoxox