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Ready to write…??

Well, i have sent the kids to their rooms to play..trying to get a little sanity so i can get back into my writing! cup of tea- check. heater on- check. comfy pillow- WHERES MY COMFY PILLOW?????

<few moments later > ok Comfy pillow- check!!

Right- so now what? I have 2 story ideas on the go, the plan is to try to merge them together somehow, to make one fantastic story- is that even possible?

I’m starting to doubt myself- who will even read it if i go to all this effort writing it?

I guess it doesn’t really matter if it never sees the light of day, the important thing is, just to get it down on paper (or on a word doc in my case) – just so i can get my brain moving.

It’s funny how your brain starts to “shut down” after years of thinking things like “did i buy cereal this week? How long have i got untill school gets out? What can i make for dinner (that the kids will actually eat)? Where have all the socks gone? and other mysteries…

If i was to base a story on all these things, it wouldn’t take long before the reader gets bored,and uses the pages to line their guinea pig cage or similar.

In saying this, i guess anything i write is still useful- to someone (some THING) – i just HOPE that i can entertain someone with my words..even for a moment.
That’s what i believe i was put on this lovely earth to do- to make people feel something 🙂

Well, it’s been awesome chatting with u all again, but i really must get my “writing thang” on- before i lose the urge (or before the kids come back out of their rooms) ..

Til’ next time ,
Toodles 😉