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Hello..anybody out there?

Well, anybody apart from me? (people often describe me as “out there”) i prefer to describe myself as unique, individual and limited edition!

The past few days have been a bit tough for me. I managed to survive all of winter without even a hint of a cold, and just when i thought it was safe to boast about that feat- i get struck down with one of the worlds worst flu’s imaginable (man flu!)

So in saying that, i dont really have a whole lot to blog about today- but figured i would just stop by and say Hi, and let you all know im ok!

And here is a little flu inspired poem, just for you;

It hurts to move, My body aches
The fever hits me, I get the shakes
I cannot breathe, My throat is sore
I cough til i can cough no more
I try to sleep,but it’s not easy
I feel so sinusy and sneezy
I think i need to take a pill
If that don’t help me, Nothin’ will!

Ok, so that’s what happens when you give me cough medicine!!
Well the bright light from my moniter is actually starting to hurt my eyes now, so i’m gonna have to cut this blog short!

If i come up with anymore random poetry or stories, i’ll be sure to blog them all down for you!

til then- take care of yourselves,

Raych xox