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Who wants a kitten for Christmas????

Hello Readers, Tis I, your friendly neighbourhood blogger, coming at you LIVE from my laptop straight to you!
Sooooo, how have you all been since i saw you last? good? Did you all have a lovely Halloween? After all my efforts of buying treats,and not shaving for a week, to get that scary hairy look- we didn’t even end up getting any trick-or-treaters, typical!
But it was still nice to get into the spirit of things, and the kids had a great time getting dressed up into their costumes for their school halloween party!

Well the next big thing to happen here, will be Christmas!! Only 30 something days to go i believe! getting closerrrrr!!! Still have more christmas shopping to do. I would’ve done it a week or so ago, but i have been sick with the flu. At least i am feeling a bit better now, must mean i’m getting over it! yay!

I have been working on my YA story a bit,in my spare time, and that seems to be coming along alright. Still a long way from being finished, but the idea is certainly coming together! Can’t wait untill it’s finished so i can share it with you all! 🙂

One last thing before i sign off, i just wanted to let you know that the kittens are getting so big now and so very cute! It is almost time for them to find new families to live with!!! It’s going to be hard to say goodbye to the little cuties, but it has to be done! (especially seeing as one of the kittens has learnt how to climb up onto my bed,and sleep on my head) – it’s all well and good,untill u have a sneezing fit from all the cat hair in your face! So yes, if you’re interested in adopting one of my furry little bundles of kittyness, let me know!

oky doky- time for me to vamoose! see u all next time,


Well here we are

Hi guys, and welcome to my first ever blog entry!

I had so much i wanted to write about, but time is of the essence. According to my scientific research, i have about 3 minutes of your attention before your mind will start wandering off, thinking about what clothes your going to wear tomorrow or if you remembered to put cat food on your shopping list.

Speaking of cats, my tarty little ball of fluff had her kittens today! A little bit sooner than expected, but they are here never the less. They’re terribly cute (as kittens usually are) ,so it’s going to be hard to give them to new families when theyr old enough. My daughter has already “told me” she is planning on keeping them! And so it begins..!

Well my 3 minutes are almost up,and your already fidgeting with your hand on the mouse, ready to play angry birds on google + (or is that just me??) – so…

Til next time,

Be good to yourself!

Raych xoxox