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Roses are red…

With Valentines Day fast approaching, i decided i would make up some poems which i could use in a home made card for my sweetheart! Now, those who know me, know i’m not ya typical girly girl,and romance makes me vom: but i wanted to show my partner just how much he means to me. So here goes;

Dear Valentine,
I love you coz u call my honey
I love you coz u think i’m funny
I love you coz u say im thin
(when i clearly have a double chin)
I love the way you back me up
When the kids decide to run amock
I love it that u bring me wine
I love u my dear valentine!

Roses are red,
and sometimes they’re white
Thanks for letting me stay
on the computer all night

Dear Valentine
You are so special in every way
You do very well in that game that u play
I really do think that u make a great night elf
I only wish that i looked like her myself..
Is it really necessary that she wear a bikini
i know her boobs are big and her waist teeny weeny
It’s really okay though, u know im just jokin’
now get off the computer & give me a …. hand with dinner 😉

Okay, well that is all i have come up with so far, but you get the jist! If i think of any more, i shall let you know!
I hope that you all have a wonderful Valentines day this February the 14th- and for all those who don’t celebrate it, I hope u have a wonderful pancake day on Feb 12th instead 😛

Be kind,

Raych xox